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When it comes to finding comprehensive dentistry services for the whole family, look to Owensboro Family Dentistry. Providing a sweeping range of advanced services for patients of all ages, we’re your single-stop resource for the essentials in preventive, pediatric, and emergency dental care, as well as the highest quality orthodontic, restorative and cosmetic treatments for your smile. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, for eligible patients, we make a wide selection of modern braces 42301 available.

A beautiful smile can be an excellent source of confidence and pride. Beyond the cosmetic and health benefits associated with a more well-aligned smile, studies have shown that straighter teeth can also have a positive impact on your overall quality of life. Today, there are a variety of treatment options which can provide treatment more conveniently, comfortably, and far less conspicuously than the traditional options of the past. At our office, we offer modern, low profile, metal braces 42301 with the option of tooth colored brackets to make your treatment less noticeable. For eligible patients, we also offer Damon braces, which use self-litigating wires to eliminate the need for periodic tightening. Damon braces have been shown to reduce orthodontic treatment time, as well as the number of dental visits required to check in on your treatment. We also offer orthodontic treatment with Invisalign—the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth.

If you’re considering your best orthodontic treatment option, plan on meeting with our experienced orthodontist. Following a careful examination, Dr. Pendley can make personalized recommendations for your unique treatment needs and can explain the outcome and estimated length of treatment time you can expect.

To learn more about the fabulous selection of modern braces 42301 to choose from at our office, give a call to our helpful staff today!

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