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Laser Dentist in Owensboro

For a dentist that uses some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology and techniques, Owensboro Family Dentistry is the practice to visit. Offering an extensive array of dental services, ranging from the highest quality restorative treatments, to cosmetic and laser dentistry, we are committed to providing you and your family with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. As your laser dentist in Owensboro, Dr. Jason Pendley offers a wide variety of treatments performed with matchless precision to help put your smile in the best light.

Laser Dentist in Owensboro

On the rise since its inception in the 1990’s, laser dentistry has continued to be refined in application by some of the top practitioners in the field. Our laser dentist in Owensboro uses dental lasers for the treatment of cold sores and cavities, as well as the activation of teeth whitening, and cosmetic and therapeutic gum procedures. When used for the clearing away of decay or bacteria, such as treatment of a cavity, dental lasers are considerably more precise than traditional instruments, resulting in greater conservation of healthy tissue. They’re also an excellent alternative for patients with dental anxiety, substituting the rumble and whir of the drill with the quiet, noninvasive operation they’ve become renowned for. When used for the treatment of cold sores, or gum treatment, dental lasers cauterize as they make incisions, minimizing bleeding and swelling, and greatly speeding up healing time when compared to traditional treatment methods. As a safe, effective, and versatile instrument used for a wide variety of procedures, your laser dentist in Owensboro is happy to discuss which uses may be most beneficial for you.

If you’re looking for an experienced professional who casts the field of dentistry in a good light, choose Dr. Pendley, your laser dentist in Owensboro! To benefit from the breakthrough treatment options made available at Owensboro Family Dentistry, give their office a call at the number below.

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